We help kids
learn to
read & count.

Marbotic is one of the smartest methods
to learn the basics of literacy and numeracy


Using wooden letters and numbers on a dedicated app, Marbotic mixes the best of physical and digital tools.


Because digital allows interactivity, and manipulation fosters learning!

The ultimate learning experience:

Marbotic is the perfect blend of traditional toys and digital technology. Let's turn passive screen time into active learning time!

Inspired by Montessori, built with teachers:

Manipulating physical objects is a key part of the learning process. With Marbotic, children have to engage their body, which facilitates memorization.

Learn foreign languages!

Our apps are available in 7 languages to foster native and foreign language learning.

100% safe, easy to use : no Wi-Fi, no bluetooth, no battery required. It works with the static electricity of our body.

Deluxe Learning Kit

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Please note that the Sesame Street Numbers wooden product and app have both been discontinued. If you are a previous customer, you might be able to download the app again by visiting your history of AppStore downloads. Please click the link and follow the instructions. We are very sorry about this!

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