"It makes me so happy to know my daughter is learning so much and enjoying it!"

- Emily, 'Smart Numbers' Customer

Smart Numbers is an innovative learning tool designed by education experts to help preschoolers master basic math. Engaging and fun, your child will love learning as they play. Compatible with your iPad and Samsung tablet.


Smart Numbers contains:

  • 10 interactive wooden numbers
  • Lifetime access to our award-winning educational apps
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Why parents and kids love Marbotic

'Loved this! I saw this at the apple store and my kids enjoyed it so much!'

'I have a 5/3 year old and I was having trouble teaching my 5 year old about letter more! This comes with apps and they focus on numbers, counting, adding, subtracting, letter sounds words, and of course, letter blending!! Yay!! They both love it and I was glad to get it!'

- Arianna M.

'Super cute animations that make the learning engaging'

'My daughter LOVES her Deluxe Learning Kit. She loves playing around with the letters even without the iPad. We play the letter game in real life where she'll match the letters to the items around our house. An added bonus is the fact we can play in both English and Spanish which is so great.'

- Carolin T.

'Now I don’t have to feel bad when I give my kids iPad time!'

'...perfect for kids who are learning letter sounds, and how to put them together. Although my 6 year old is already reading, it's helping my 4 year old getting there faster. My kids do not get very much screen time at all, but Marbotic is an exception. Also, letters are made of a very high quality wood/material.'

- William J.