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We mix classic wooden toys with fun,
app-based learning games.
It’s active screen time to guide early readers.


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Are you...?  

Are you like us? A parent who wants to support their child’s learning while also craving for 15 minutes of freetime away from the whirlwind of modern life? Welcome to the gang, you’re one of us!

At Marbotic, we discovered the secret to transforming your iPad into a fantastic tool for preschool learning. Thanks to our magic wooden toys that interact with your iPad, your child’s curiosity for letters and numbers will grow exponentially as they play independently and progress at a rapid pace all while having fun.

We hope you join us in the Marbotic Universe!

13.600+ daycare, preschool, and kindergarden teachers use Marbotic.

"We know that kids learn by wrapping their hands around objects and by doing things, by absorbing knowledge by their whole body. This really offers that with children. The interaction that kids have with the little pieces and the app encourage his repetition which is part of our brain growth. (...) Wooden pieces are very thoughtfully designed. Each little knob is encouraging 3-fingers grasp which is actually the most ergonomically correct way to hold a pencil."

- Amanda H.

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Learn what families like about Marbotic

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Buy our interactive wooden stamps (numbers or letters).

Choose from our selection of interactive products that transform your tablet into a powerful learning tool.

Kid playing with letters

Get instant, lifetime access to our award-winning apps.  

When you receive your kit, simply download our apps and unlock them with your wooden pieces. It’s effortless!

Kid playing with numbers

Have fun!

Their journey of fun and learning begins. Tag us on Instagram. We can't wait to see your little ones learning. Love it? Leave us a review.

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Transform your tablet into a fun learning tool

Independent learning

Jump right in! Your kids will find that our apps are intuitive, self-directed, and self-correcting. Hey parents, you don’t have to be the teacher. Now, that’s a relief!

Independant learning
Active screen time

Active screen time

Hand your child your iPad—minus the guilt! We merge physical play and digital play through the wooden toys they love and the technology they want. Marbotic is the perfect active, screen-time solution.

Fun homeschooling

Marbotic is an ideal tool for homeschoolers or parents wanting to supplement early learning at home. This is a fun, hands-on way for your child to develop a lifelong love of learning.

Fun homeschooling
Ready Already?

Ready already?

Educator Maria Montessori said that children can start learning to read at the age of 3. If your child is ready, why wait? With Marbotic, you’ll fuel their love of learning. You’ll provide them with a program that puts them in control and adapts to their pace.

Recommended by teachers

Letter blending is a decisive step when learning to read. We developed our program according to pre-K and kindergarten curriculums to fully prepare students for Grade 1.

Recommended by teachers
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The wood you love, the tech they crave

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