About Us

We know that kids learn best when engaging their hands, hearts, and minds. So, we create innovative, interactive learning toys to help children blossom. Fusing the best of traditional and digital play, our greatest joy is watching our hands-on products develop the skills and confidence of curious children the world over.


Our wooden toys are both charming and robust


Our apps make learning a fun, motivating, and exciting experience


Children quickly learn how to use our games independently


Our Mission

We're on a mission to help kids blossom and make parents proud. By transforming tablets into active educational tools, we want to improve the way children are taught and to encourage independent learning.


Our Founder

In 2011, our founder and CEO, Marie Mérouze, was an engineer working at an online tutoring company. But she was growing increasingly disillusioned. As a young mother, she could see that her children learned best when they could manipulate physical objects, not when they interacted with a screen via a keyboard or a mouse.
Then the iPad arrived. 



• Marbotic CEO, Marie Merouze, invents Smart Numbers which goes on to win an award at the CentraleSupélec incubator.
•  As a result, Marie then founds Marbotic. 
Marbotic's first app, 10 Fingers, is released.


• Marbotic receives funding from two investors including Hape, the market leader in wooden toys.
• Smart Letters is launched thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign 
• More wooden toys are produced to accompany Smart Letters 
• Four more apps are launched


• Marie Merouze meets Tim Cook (CEO of Apple) in person
• Further funding is raised 
• Marbotic partners with Educo to bring new dedicated product for Dutch schools, Keine Klanken, to the market
• Apps are localised into Japanese, Russian, and Chinese • The Lil Reader app is released


• Marbotic launches the Deluxe Learning Kit which is available exclusively in Apple stores 
• Marbotic creates the Nordic Kit, an add-on that allows Nordic speakers to adapt Smart Letters to their languages


• Marbotic launches two new apps, Marbotic Letters and Marbotic Numbers 
• The Marbos begin to multiply and start to invade Marbotic’s apps, social channels, and website! 

Meet the team

Our fun, dedicated team is what makes the magic of Marbotic happen. Come meet the people responsible for getting your kid excited about learning!