We help kids learn to read. EASY!

The optimal multisensory learning method
blending digital + wooden manipulatives

✔️ The best method to learn early reading and math while having fun


✔️ A learning program backed by experts and educators


✔️ Perfectly tailored for early literacy needs (Pre-K - Early Elementary). Also ideal for students with special needs.

Discover Our Sensory Kit

The Marbotic Sensory Kit is an innovative educational tool designed by experts to guide young learners on their learning journey through early reading and math skills.
It includes 26 wooden lowercase letters and 10 wooden numbers that interact with Marbotic iPad app. When your child stamps a letter or a number in Marbotic app, your tablet recognizes it. Unbelievable, right? The technology behind this magic is unique and patented....

"What the hand does, the mind remembers."

Maria Montessori


Upgrade your teaching routine and engage your students!

Help your classroom integrate new concepts with multisensory learning
 Sandbox or guided activities: choose the perfect complement to your program
Sturdy and durable wooden manipulatives that will last for years


Discover the educational app that will boost learning!

Independent learning: support your child’s progress without interfering
Multisensory learning: Turn passive screen time into active learning time
Learn through play: see your child have fun as they progress with pride


"Intuitive and very easy
to pick up"

“The games are intuitive and very easy to pick up. It promotes independent learning which is super important. Marbotic is perfect for the homeschooling family as well as the traditional schooling family like us who just want a little extra learning support.”

-Tara Dye

"Really great for our
4 y.o. daughter"

“Marbotic tool kit has been really great for our 4 year-old daughter to pick up the phonetic letters as well as the basics of counting. I highly recommend this kit to any parents looking to augment their child's education with the latest technology."



-Mohammed F.


"It pays off!"


“My daughter is so obsessed with it! She has been playing with it almost everyday. Guess what? It pays off because now she recognizes numbers and letters just in time for preschool"


-Jarlyn Nacu


Mastering reading and counting is the foundations for a successful academic journey. It's why Marbotic focuses on these 2 concepts.
Tailored for early learners the Marbotic Program guides kids through reading and counting skills from the basics to more complex concepts.

Learn to read

  • Recognize letters

    Learn the alphabet with phonics

    Phonemic awareness

    Enrich vocabulary

    Word building

Learn to count

Number sense

Count to 10, and then to 100

Learn numbers through representation or pictures

Addition and subtraction


“We found Marbotic to help her learn the alphabet. She does have a speech delay. We were really happy to find Marbotic because it enriched her vocabulary so much, she learned to write so many words thanks to the app. She discovered the alphabet through it. And I just can't believe how it helped her through this year.”



“We got Marbotic because we homeschool. It’s a great tool to add to the curriculum that we are already using. We usually don’t have iPad during school time. So when he saw the iPad, he just lit up! It’s definitely a great addition for parents who homeschool, and also maybe who don’t and just want to add a little bit of education to the screen time!”


-Dhr Hall.

“They have been such a game changer for my kids, reignating their excitement to learn. I love that Marbotic games are intuitive and really easy to pick up, even for the younger learners, like Hendrix (he’s 3). It promotes independent learning, which is super important and I love that I can get a few chores done during Hendrix’s active screentime learning”